United forensic expert reports related to air accident analysis, flight operations, maintenance-repair, manufacturing & design effecting aeroplanes, helicopters, sailpanes/gliders, hang gliders & air traffic services & aircraft appraisals by the order of our respected governmental clients & private expert reports for our respected  private clients.  


Consultancy regarding topics within my civil aviation forensic expert competency fields including cases related to criminal (by the Police), state administrative (by the CAA) & professional (by the TSB) investigation procedures connected to –even fatal- air accidents, incidents, irregularities either being  followed by the issuance of private expert report or whithout upon the wish of our respected clients &/or their legal representatives.


Preparation of comments to the Draft Final Report prepared by TSB/KBSZ on request & the personal representation of the client on the final meeting preceeding the issuance of the Final Report, preferrably in a team together with the client & his/her legal representative.


Expert reports relating passenger claims against airlines for any of the parties involved.


Upon request by our respected clients I am glad to  provide an up-to-date  reference list of my expert reports issued to date.

Based on my experience of two decades as an aviation expert my best advice is to our potential future private clients is to order our professional consultancy services at the earliest possible phase of the three kinds of related procedures mentioned above, the earlier we get involved the more efficient our help can be.


As per our experinece (at least) in Hungary  the earliest such procedure expected to be closed is the criminal one (by the Police) then the state administrative one (by the CAA) & the slowest to be expected to be closed the last is the professional one (by the TSB). Currently for the TSB to close a file & issue a final report might exceed 2-3 years easily.

Studying quickly but deeply all the files & material of the given – even fatal – air accident, incident or irregularity we are glad to undertake the interview preparation of our respected clients -sadly  in this inconvenient situation- even before the first interviews following the case to enbale them to act in a proactive manner to protect their interests even during  the early stages of the above mentioned procedures already.